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Meet night changes

Morning all paddlers,

So due to the success of the club it has come apparent that its time to change the structure of the way we run the meet nights. At the moment we are getting a large mix of all levels of ability to all nights and this is making coaching hard to achieve….maybe the odd rotate you bastard has been the extent of some of our more windy evenings.

Sooo……I have come up with a cunning plan….soon to be endorsed by all or shot down by the less cunning.

I propose we make Wednesdays our beginner night effective from October 13th….a night where we will have set plans published on FB that all levels of paddlers will want to attend if its what they need to learn.

Such as Video sessions (depression session) tech, dry land, boats set up for C2C etc.

Now this will have no effect on Mondays as beginners will be welcome and if conditions dictate then tech and intervals will be on the menu . But think the Monday night will be a little looser in organisation depending on the conditions and appetite of the paddlers.

So nutshell, beginners and first timers best night Wednesdays and the learning structure will be posted for that night….Mondays for all but less structure for beginners and more yelling rotate you bastard.

Also please remember if you have a question or need some attention or help… have to ask…the squeaky wheel get the good oil. I am more than happy to help if you pester me.

Lastly The Shotover river is now open for all paddlers on Wednesdays and Fridays after 5 30pm, this is not for beginners to paddle and club boats are not to be used on the Shotover . I suggest that paddlers with experience in rivers only try this section from the Jet to the road bridge as there are many strainers and kayak traps on the river.


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