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A New Era for the Queenstown Kayak Club

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Maybe its the changing face of the world Covid...climate change...appreciating our backyard? But something has happened to change the Kayak club from being an infant to maturing into an adolescent. Maybe the vision I had 20 years ago of having a world class kayaking facility, a place that would let all comers try the sport and maybe get out of it what it has so richly payed me back over the last 40 years is coming to fruition? Maybe it's just luck that we have somehow procured our own permanent shed on Lake Wakatipu and another in the pipeline on Lake Hayes? Maybe as they say the more you try the luckier you get? What I do know is somehow a group of special individuals have been drawn to the Club and have created a culture that has made this luck happen. Not only have many of these individuals sacrificed their time and efforts to make this vision a reality but they will also bestow to all who will receive the wisdom and knowledge that they have gathered on their adventurous path. So this new Era will see the Kayak Club have a new shed on Jubilee Park in Queenstown, a facility that will house more boats not just club boats but a facility for boat storage also. The proposed shed on Lake Hayes will be large and will be the site for the beginners to start paddling and the expansion of the Club to K1 racing. To facilitate this new Era a new website, membership forms and coaching collateral have been developed. To come will be more organised training systems, coaches being developed for the future and club races. What will the future look like? The Jubilee Park shed will be for Multisport and Surfski paddlers to meet on a Monday, this site is more in the teeth of the wind and waves and has the ideal environment for experienced paddlers and Surfski wave hounds. The Lake Hayes shed will be used for the beginners and K1 paddlers on Wednesdays a calmer lake with warmer water for those unintentional swims. To wrap up this first Blog..... the future of the QKC is looking bright because of the culture of the club and its members. We live in an enviable position of so many types of waterways at our finger tips and now the facilities to compliment them......let us hope we can share the magic and culture to all new comers. Steve Norton.... President QKC

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